PACE Code Changes 2018

PACE Code Changes 2018

We've published a guide to the revised versions of PACE Codes and we're making it available to non-members.


From midnight 31st July 2018, significant revisions to PACE Codes C, E, F, and H come into force. While many reflect earlier legislative change, there are also some entirely new provisions. Revisions include: 

  • There are no longer exceptions for 17 year olds 
  • Guidance on ‘impracticable’ accommodation transfers has changed
  • The terminology and test for whether an AA is required for an adult has changed
  • The definition of adults for whom an AA is required has changed.
  • There are new actions required of police regarding identifying vulnerability
  • There is a more detailed description of the AA role
  • There are new responsibilities on police regarding the AA
  • The police must record their initial actions in relation to juveniles and vulnerable people
  • The AA’s right to insist on a legal advisor is made clearer
  • Interviews over live link are allowed
  • Voluntary interview procedures and safeguards set out in clear detail
  • A wider range of recording devices is allowed, including some body worn video cameras
  • Authorisations for extended and further detention over live link are now allowed 

Click here for copies of the revised PACE Codes from